Dwight A. Pryor

Principles from the Fall Festivals - MP3


The moadei-Adonai, “set times of the Lord,” recur in seasonal cycles: spring (Passover), summer (Pentecost) and fall (Tabernacles). Each festival has its unique rhythm and character, corresponding on the one hand with agricultural harvests and on the other with key events in Israel’s redemptive history.

In the autumn of the year, we witness the climactic concert of the Divine Symphony: the High Holy days, consummated by the Feast of Tabernacles. It is a magnificent production with varied moods and intersecting melodies, repeatedly punctuated with the great trumpet of the Lord, the shofar.

  • Session One: Walking in the Light of the High Holy Days
  • Session Two: Walking in the Light of Tabernacles

Author: Dwight Pryor

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