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On This Rock - Digital Video & eBook


This is a new visual curriculum by the late Dr. Dwight Pryor. Perfect for individual and group study, this set comes complete with a companion study workbook and is available both on DVD and in high quality electronic files (twelve thirty-minute teachings).

Session titles:

1 Introduction

2 The Calling of the Church

3 What Did the Word Church Mean to Jesus?

4 Synagogue and Church Connections: A Three Principle Pattern

5 The Function of Servant Leaders In Yeshua's Church (Part 1)

6 The Function of Servant Leaders In Yeshua's Church (Part 2)

7 The Model of Maturity In Messiah

8 Yeshua's Mission, Our Commission

9 Two Pillars of Worship In the Early Church

10 That Which Animates the Body

11 Understanding the Relationship Between Church and Kingdom

12 Stop Going to Church and Start Being the Church

The workbook is a downloadable PDF file.


To access the DVD version of On This Rock click here.

Availability: Your purchase helps us share the Hebraic nature of the Gospel with Christians! If you can’t afford it, we’ll gift you a copy. Send your request to: thecenter@jcstudies.com.
Author: Dwight A. Pryor


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