Marvin R. Wilson, Ph.D.

Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage - Book

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In this very readable sequel to his popular book Our Father Abraham—which has sold more than 70,000 copies—friend of JC Studies, Marvin R. Wilson, acts as theological guide to the Jewish foundations of the Christian faith. He illuminates theological, spiritual, and ethical themes of the Hebrew scriptures that directly affect Christian understanding and experience.

Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage draws from both Christian and Jewish commentary in discussing such topics as thinking theologically about Abraham, understanding the God of Israel and his reputation in the world, and what it means for humans to be created in God's image. Dr. Marv calls for the church to restore, renew, and protect its foundations by studying and appreciating its origins in Judaism.

This remarkable work includes hundreds of questions for review and discussion making it meaningful for group study as well as an edifying personal read.


Rabbi Baruch HaLevi — coauthor of Revolution of Jewish Spirit

"A rare literary gem. . . . Marvin Wilson's mastery of both Christian and Judaic texts, theologies, and traditions is nothing short of staggering. Equally, however, this book is easily accessible for students and seekers, not just academics; for congregants and parishioners, not just clergy. Jews, atheists, and Gentiles alike can all find their way into and through this truly informative and inspirational work. . . . Here is reading for the mind, the heart, and the soul."

David Neff — former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today

"As a historical religion, Christianity must own its Jewish origins and live up to the best of that heritage. Marvin Wilson, a pioneer in evangelical-Jewish relations, makes a compelling argument for renewing Christian faith by recovering our Hebraic heritage. If only there were more like him, we could have a healthier church."

R. Steven Notley — coauthor (with David Flusser) of The Sage from Galilee

"Masterful. . . . Wilson builds on his previous tour de force, Our Father Abraham, to deepen our understanding of the Hebraic roots of Christian theology. There is no doubt that this work will impact the thinking of yet another generation of Christian readers, fostering Jewish-Christian understanding and spiritual renewal in the church."

Susannah Heschel — author of The Aryan Jesus: Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany

"For two thousand years, we have longed for a Christian scholar of Judaism as sensitive and knowledgeable as Marvin Wilson, and his work fulfills our hopes. Insightful and deeply learned, this book is a remarkable example of a Christian theology that affirms Judaism with respect and appreciation."

David Bivin — editor of Jerusalem Perspective

"Cut off from its Jewish roots, Western Christianity has lost its way—and its credibility ... Faith in Jesus need not, and indeed must not, obliterate the (Jewish) faith of Jesus. Wilson's book points the way toward authentic Christian renewal."

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Author: Marvin R. Wilson
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans
Pages: 304


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