Dwight A. Pryor

And So All Israel Shall Be Saved - MP3


Until recent times, Romans 9-10-11 were viewed as extraneous to Paul's core theology, expressed in his most important work, Romans. Today they are understood by many Pauline scholars to actually be the interepretive key to the whole book! And yet controversy still abounds as to the meaning of Paul's provocative statement about the salvation of Israel in 11:26. This in-depth analysis explores the textual challenges.

Author: Dwight Pryor

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Good and necessary study

Not as clear in its formulation as other studies of the same author; it may have to do with the complexity of the subject at hand. I would like a more detailed treatment. One thing is necessary, to respect the Jewish covenantal heritage in God and do away in our theology with any supersessionist ideas that the Church has replaced Israel in the plan of God. This the author does nicely.
Posted by undefined, Oct 6th 2016