Thank you for visiting, we're rebuilding our website!

Honestly, how many times in life does one get a complete do-over, a chance to begin again with a clean slate? We took our internet presence down after a malicious cyber attack. It's as if the house burned down but everything of value got out safely.

The outpouring of support and encouragement reminded our small team that whats done in and for Jesus is not in vain. With the help of great friends and gifted partners, some truly exciting possibilities have emerged for jcstudies.com. There is a palpable expectation and confidence of the good things to come! And that means blessing to haverim (friends) both old and new.

Again, we're thrilled you stopped by. Here are three meaningful things for your consideration:

1. God is good in ways that are seen and unseen, prayed for and unanticipated. May our trials serve as encouragement to you amidst yours. Jesus, our Messiah and King, has His eye on the sparrow.

2. Because we are all about helping people, the ministry is thriving in Dayton. We are a brick and mortar first organization. The internet is a welcome opportunity for us to proclaim our message but we're not dependent on it. We have seminars, Israel study tours, a discipleship school and lecture series in full swing. Each emphasizes our Hebraic perspective approach to Scripture in order to positively impact daily discipleship.

3. Our starting over online is an invitation for you to watch the action unfold and grow with us. We'll have a blogging feature for that very purpose.

Let's keep following hard after Jesus haverim,


James Whitman, President, Center for Judaic-Christian Studies

If you need anything, we're here for you ...

- call us, (937) 434-4550
- email us, thecenter@jcstudies.com
- write us, 7021 Corporate Way, Dayton, OH 45459